Mihaela Noroc

Photographer from Bucharest, Romania but spent most of the last four years traveling in different countries of the world.

Her father is a painter, so since her childhood she was surrounded by colors. At the 16, she discovered photography but, unfortunately, in the next years she couldn’t make a living with it, so she had to work in other fields, where she could earn a decent income. Traveling during vacations as a backpacker, in different parts of the world, made her discover the diversity of our planet. So when she was 27 she decided to quit her ordinary life in Bucharest and put all her efforts and savings into travel and photography.

Even though The Atlas of Beauty became very popular all around the world, she's the same ordinary person, with the same backpack like 4 years ago, that loves to explore the unnoticed beauty which lies in people around us.

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