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Paris serves as both the capital city and the most populous urban area in France. It lies along the banks of the Seine River in the northern part of the country, specifically within the Île-de-France administrative region. The city, restricted by its official administrative borders, is home to approximately 2.23 million people. In a broader context, the metropolitan zone surrounding Paris is among Europe's most significant population hubs, boasting a population exceeding 12 million.

Geographical Location and Features

Longitude2.3522° E
Latitude48.8566° N
ClimateOceanic, mild winters and warm summers

Paris is geographically positioned at a latitude of 48.8566° N and a longitude of 2.3522° E. The city experiences an oceanic climate, characterized by relatively mild winters and warm summers. This climate makes it a favorable destination for tourists year-round.

Population and Demography

PopulationApproximately 2,230,000
Metropolitan Area PopulationMore than 12 million

The city itself has a population close to 2.23 million people, as per the most recent statistics. When you expand the scope to include its surrounding metropolitan area, the population number jumps to more than 12 million. This makes it one of the largest population centers in Europe.

Economic Factors

GDP€709 billion (Greater Paris GDP, 2018)
CurrencyEuro (€)

Paris is not just a political and cultural hub; it is also an economic powerhouse. With a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of approximately €709 billion for the Greater Paris area as of 2018, the city holds a crucial role in both the national and continental economy. The currency used in Paris, as well as the rest of France, is the Euro (€).

Official Languages and Communication

Official LanguageFrench

French is the official language spoken in Paris and serves as the primary medium for government, business, and day-to-day communications.

Religion and Beliefs

ReligionPredominantly Christian, with a significant presence of other faiths

Though predominantly Christian, Paris is a melting pot of various religions due to its diverse population. A significant number of people practicing other faiths, including Islam, Judaism, and Buddhism, also reside in the city.


Paris, situated along the Seine River in northern France, is both the capital and largest city of the country. It is located within the administrative jurisdiction of Île-de-France. The city's population hovers around 2.23 million, and when the metropolitan area is included, the figure rises to over 12 million, placing it among the most populous regions in Europe.

It stands as an epicenter for various activities ranging from politics and culture to economics. Whether we talk about its GDP or its role as a hub for multiple religions, Paris is a city of significant global importance. With an oceanic climate, it offers a favorable tourist destination all year round. The city operates on the Euro and predominantly speaks the French language. Therefore, Paris serves as an emblematic representation of both French and European identity.

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