Paul Mobley

Photographer Paul Mobley is the ultimate portrait photographer. He's able to forge quick connections with his clients, putting them at ease and creating chances for strikingly intimate images. His years of experience photographing everyone from Amy Schumer to Zac Brown combined with his contagious enthusiasm allows him to approach each shoot confidently leading up to unique portraits that are truly original pieces of art!

Mobley approaches his work the same way—he aims to capture the soul of a subject and present it in an authentic, timeless manner. In addition to his corporate, advertising, and editorial work he has published four books with Welcome Books: American Farmer (2008), Everyday Heroes (2012), If I Live To Be 100 (2016), and American Firefighter(2017).

Mobley has traveled across the country to meet and photograph “ordinary citizens leading extraordinary lives” in his series, American Farmer. He also spends time traveling around Mexico where he loves to try different types of tequila while enjoying other cultures.


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