Simon Laveuve

Simon Laveuve was born in 1988. Originally from the Parisian suburbs where he still lives. He grew up in a concrete tower, designed by the committed architect Renée Gailhoustet, who built all the social housing in Ivry-sur-Seine.

Simon's professional background also has an impact on my inspirations. Photographer for more than ten years, he has been working in the genre of fashion, music, reporting, or publishing.
Since 2017, Simon builds his own universe in miniature combining volume and staging. Habitat and survival are two central elements of his approach. Self-taught in the world of sculpture and modeling, he uses many elements of recycling. He likes the principle of second life and recycling through art for creation. The detail, the reading, and the meaning are directly linked to his previous photographic works.

"My pieces, for the most part, have this common point to show a shelter. A shelter for man, made by man, whose figure is not necessarily present. I like to work on the high and the inaccessible. Protection and abandonment. Fallen icons and their symbolism. Resistance and insubordination. "

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