Studio Mieke Meijer

Image by Raw Color for Dutch Invertuals

Studio Mieke Meijer is a Dutch design studio founded by Mieke Meijer and Roy Letterlé. They work on self-initiated and commissioned projects in their workshop in Eindhoven (NL). Constructive imagery, concrete materiality, and tectonic detailing are the essentials of the studio's strong and recognizable signature. These particular characteristics often relate directly to their architectural references.

Letterlé (Kerkrade, 1978) studied structural engineering in PTH Eindhoven. Meijer and Letterlé both lecture and give workshops at different educational and cultural states. Furthermore, they're co-founders of NewspaperWood BV.

Building procedures and building principles as applied in industrial architecture are an infinite source of inspiration for the studio because of their consistency in structure, experience, and material. By scaling down components and changing materiality, objects appear that can be utilized in a national or industrial environment but still keep their architectural and autonomous character. The liminal area between architecture and product design enables the studio to maneuver freely, regardless of architectural limitations and beyond the boundaries of the traditional item.

Studio Mieke Meijer applies both traditional and contemporary materials and design solutions that both reflect the logic of the structure and respects material possessions, without losing artistic freedom. Craftsmanship and CNC production methods are equally crucial in the well-equipped workshop where many designs are being created in limited series or limited versions.

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