Thomas Prior

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Early Life

Born in 1979 in the city of Los Angeles, California Thomas Prior embarked on a life that would be defined by his commitment to photography.

Skillset and Style

Thomas Prior is an American photographer renowned for his acute observational skills that lend a film-like quality to his photographs. He excels in choosing the ideal timing for his shots, as well as having a sensitivity towards the subjects he is capturing. This approach allows him to document significant instances in a manner that is both subtle and striking.

His work in portraiture is particularly noteworthy. Faces in his portraits are imbued with a sense of narrative and thoughtfulness, almost as if each subject is caught in a moment of introspection.

Geographical Focus

Thomas Prior's work is not limited to the United States; his photography spans continents and cultures. He has documented life in various locations, such as Rwanda and of course, his home country of America.

Professional Affiliations

As of today, Thomas Prior is a New York-based professional, residing in one of the world's most vibrant cities for art and photography. His client list is impressive and includes respected organizations and publications such as NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), The New Yorker, TIME Magazine, and The New York Times.

Additional Facts

ClientsLocationType of OrganizationContinent
NASAUnited StatesSpace AgencyNorth America
The New YorkerUnited StatesMagazine PublicationNorth America
TIME MagazineUnited StatesNews MagazineNorth America
The New York TimesUnited StatesNewspaperNorth America

Web Presence

For more information about his work, you can visit Thomas Prior's website: Thomas Prior's Official Website.


In conclusion, Thomas Prior is an American photographer known for his remarkable ability to observe and document life around him. His work transcends geographical boundaries and delves deep into the lives of the people he photographs, whether they are from Rwanda, Antarctica, or the United States. His exceptional skills in timing and sensitivity allow him to capture crucial moments in a distinctive style. With his base in New York, Prior continues to work for prestigious clients, making a significant impact in the field of photography.

This detailed profile aims to provide comprehensive information about Thomas Prior, capturing the essence of his work and influence in the world of photography.

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