Vice (magazine)

Vice is a Montreal-based North American magazine that covers international artists and culture. They are well known for their YouTube channel, which currently has over 1 million subscribers to it. The current editor of Vice Magazine, Rocco Castoro was the former Associate Editor from 2004 until 2008 when he moved up in rank as the Executive Music Editor overseeing music coverage across all areas on behalf of both print and digital platforms before being promoted to Senior Managing Director at VICE Media with Andy Capper taking his place as executive editorial director since 2009. Jesse Pearson served as editor-in-chief for eight years but resigned December 2010 after an offer by HBO turned down because they wanted content exclusive only to them whereas Vice requires its content be available free worldwide through other means like cable television and publishing Vice content on the internet for free. Vice has achieved a very strong following through their YouTube channel, currently numbering over 1 million subscribers and is said to be the 32nd most viewed YouTube channel of all time. Vice is available in 28 countries worldwide and supports itself through advertising without any government subsidies or corporate parents.

As Vice's beat was originally based around Vice Magazine but has since expanded to cover all Vice Media properties, Vice is known for the creative way they present their content and go about getting stories and making sure those stories are different from what anyone else in their market is doing. "You're not trying to please everyone" Rocco Castoro said of Vice's style of reporting. Vice's Vice Guide has been described as cute, irreverent and juvenile, Vice Magazine senior editor Ben Williams said that Vice aims to be "a guide to doing things with one caveat: we only do the things we'd want to do. We write about how to get rich by counterfeiting money or shoplifting." Vice is also known for being very candid in their interviews, which includes asking questions like "What's the worst thing about Vice?" or when Bloc Party was asked about Vice's rise to fame, Vice Magazine simply stated that "Bloc Party had a different opinion on Vice than Vice had on Bloc Party."

The Vice Guide is a style-guide written by Vice editors which was said to be in a tie for "the most stylish Vice magazine ever produced" by Vice Magazine Senior Editor Ben Williams. The Vice Guide is meant to give Vice writers a framework from which they can structure their Vice articles while providing the reader with entertainment and information simultaneously. A Vice Guide is also used when an article needs some depth or background information on a certain subject Vice writers should be familiar with. Vice Guides include information on fashion, art, music and anything else Vice covers, Vice also has a style-guide for their website to make sure articles are written in Vice style and not poorly done or unprofessional.

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