Wallpaper (magazine)

Wallpaper, which is officially stylized as Wallpaper* with an asterisk, operates under the umbrella of IPC Media and offers its readers a unique blend of content that spans across multiple sectors such as tourism, interior design, the entertainment industry, fashion trends, and various forms of media. This magazine came into existence in the British capital of London in 1996, thanks to the collaborative efforts of Tyler Brûlé, a Canadian journalist, and Alexander Geringer, an Austrian journalist who also serves as the CEO of aheadmedia.

A significant milestone in the magazine’s history occurred in 1997, just a year after its inception, when Tyler Brûlé decided to sell it to the media conglomerate Time Warner. Despite relinquishing ownership, Brûlé continued to wield editorial influence by remaining in the role of editorial director until the year 2002. In a shift of leadership, the year 2007 welcomed Tony Chambers to the magazine’s helm as its new editor-in-chief. Chambers, who describes himself as a “visual journalist,” brought his own distinct flair to the publication.

The magazine has a strong focus on global lifestyle trends, particularly those that relate to aesthetic and design sensibilities. One of the unique features of Wallpaper* is its commitment to high-quality photography and visual storytelling, which complements the in-depth articles and features. This emphasis on visuals aligns well with Tony Chambers’ background and self-description as a “visual journalist.”

Wallpaper* has also been instrumental in setting trends and has often been considered a tastemaker in various industries. Over the years, it has extended its brand into various other platforms and special editions, including an annual design awards feature that recognizes outstanding work in multiple categories. Additionally, the magazine has introduced digital versions and apps to reach a broader and more technologically savvy audience.

Given its roots in London, one of the world’s major cultural capitals, Wallpaper* often brings a cosmopolitan perspective to its readers. The magazine has correspondents and contributors from around the globe, reflecting its international reach and the diverse backgrounds of its readership.

From its origins as a print magazine, Wallpaper* has evolved over the years to embrace the digital age, offering online content that includes interactive features and multimedia storytelling, thus broadening its appeal to a new generation of readers. It continues to be a strong voice in cultural discussions, a reliable source for trend forecasts, and a showcase for cutting-edge design and lifestyle choices.

Therefore, Wallpaper* is not just a magazine; it’s a multi-platform brand that influences and reflects contemporary tastes and trends across a range of sectors, including travel, design, fashion, and entertainment. It stands as a testament to the vision of its founders and the subsequent leaders who have guided it through various phases of evolution and expansion.

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