Artist Daniel Lismore Expresses His Vigorous Personality in Fashionable Sculptures

For a lot of people, getting dressed may be a regular chore. However, for London-based artist Daniel Lismore, picking clothes and layering accessories enables one to express his bright, multidimensional character. We are not discussing jeans and plain t-shirts, either. Lismore dresses in extravagant ensembles that emphasize his unique sartorial perspective and sculptural way of clothes. Additionally, he is done up using a doll-like program of cosmetics and after that records it throughout self-portrait photography.

To make these memorable images and outfits, Lismore unites "haute couture with charity-shop finds" Often, this is accomplished via a restricted color palette, which permits the textures of every look to glow.

It is his first important book that features the gist of his creative spirit--30 ensembles that mention many different historical, societal, and cultural topics from throughout the world. It is currently available through Amazon.

Artist Daniel Lismore dresses in fancy sculptural ensembles which highlight his brilliant, eclectic character.