Beautiful Wood And Resin Jewellery by ArtfulResin

Here’s unusual wood and resin jewelry by Tor Johansson from ArtfulResin. “I grew up in a rural part of Norway surrounded by forests, mountains, and lakes. I spent my formative years playing outside and enjoying nature. It became a part of my soul. I trained as a carpenter, but after moving to England I went on to do various “office” jobs. I had a burning desire inside to do something of my own – to create something, to bring nature back into my life. I began with creating tables, but in the end, it felt as though I was working on a production line. Then, more recently, I started turning pens. I enjoyed this, but on one of my trips to the wood shop, I came across a wonderful piece of spiky burl wood. I fell for it, hook, line, and sinker. The rugged texture and gorgeous color of the wood reminded me of the Norwegian landscape. I knew I had to create something fine with it. And so ArtfulResin was born. I started making burl wood and resin pendants. I take motivation from the impressive nature that was all around me while I was growing up as well as creating pieces that imitate the remarkable aurora borealis. I create pieces of jewelry that capture a bit of the natural world and allows you to carry it with you.”