Fashionable Kimonos Mix Classical Japanese Silhouette with Scandinavian Minimalism

When designers of distinct cultures collaborate, it opens up the possibilities of new interpretations of traditional customs. The kimono, for example, is a cornerstone of Japanese civilization. Often adorned in vivid colors and themes, the clothes have existed for centuries and take their cues from long past.

The forthcoming T-Kimono, nevertheless, is an exceptional twist on the Japanese kimono. Produced by Norwegian tailor made and designer T-Michael and Tokyo-based firm Y. & Sons, the bespoke styles combine the shape of the standard robes together with the minimalism of Scandinavian design. Most importantly, there are not any patterns on such kimonos; instead, they are clad in colors such as blue and gray.

Created from a wool-suit substance, the burden of this T-Kimono fabric provides supple draping with bold-yet-clean lines and ordered curves. These attributes are very similar to that of a Western-style tailored match. Along with the loose-fitting character of a kimono, it is a fashionable mixing of both different design aesthetics--and it seems excellent.

With its muted colors and concentrate on minimalism, the T-Kimono is targeted towards a younger male audience.

The T-Kimono is a collaboration between Norwegian tailor and layout T-Michael along with the Japanese business Y. & Sons.


h/t: Spoon & Tamago