Award-Winning Artist Transforms Everyday Foods into Patterned Masterpieces

Artist Daniele Barresi is an award-winning style carver. Rather than chipping away at expected components like wood or marble, he lends his skills to something much tastier. Using food as an original canvas, he produces awe-inspiring sculptures out of fruits, veggies, and cheese. Despite their various textures and densities, Barresi carves each one of them seemingly with ease to expose delicate flowers and creatures hiding behind the epidermis and rinds.

Barresi speaks of his meals artwork carving within an almost spiritual way.

"€œWhen I touch my knife, my brain gives up to the heart and transmits right to the fingers, offering different varieties to the decorations."

Artist Daniele Barresi creates exquisite sculptures out of fruits, vegetables, and cheese. Fantastic inside their intricate detail, the meals art carving seems too good to eat.

h/t Twisted Sifter