Chef Creates Raw Vegan Cakes That Look Like Real Flower Bouquets

Now more than ever, it looks like cakes are getting increasingly complicated in their decoration. Rather than being food, they have transformed into works of art. Berlin-based pastry chef Juliana Tar, aka Culinary Dots, creates awe-inspiring desserts that resemble radiant bouquets of fresh florals. We’€™ve marveled of these kinds of cakes before with buttercream flower confections. Tar’s creations, however, are a twist on such trend; she has perfected the all-organic uncooked cake.

A cake that is raw is often part of a vegan diet, and also the delicious treats are no- bake desserts. They get their sweetness from raw agave nectar dried fruit or other natural sweeteners. To accomplish their vibrant colors, spices like turmeric €”which has a beautiful orange hue-€”are used. Although Tar does not share her recipes, she does share a number of the elements like matcha berries, and Mexican vanilla. Together, they help type edible art that is blossoming with beautiful texture, while also showcasing the delicious beauty that’s capable when you perform with all-natural elements.

h/t: Bored Panda