Russian Bakery Bakes Cakes with a Painterly Twist

Moscow-based bakery Kalabasa designs colorful cakes inspired by one of the art’s most essential elements: the brushstroke. Covered in a collection of sculpted, strokes that are sugary, each mesmerizing dessert doubles as an edible artwork.

Kalabasa cakes showcase the bakers’ interest in unconventional cake-decorating. The painterly stripes are created from chocolate and airbrushed in a variety of tones. They may be artistically arranged on the cakes, which are also fitting adorned with chocolate “paint” splatters, delicate airbrushing, and fresh fruit.

The brushstroke cakes of the bakery are available as single-layer sweets creations, and even as cupcakes. Each treat is customized according to some particular color-scheme, assuring each one is a masterpiece. With such a wide range of designs available, one point is clear: much like paintings; no two cakes are alike!

You paint splatter cakes on the bakery’s Instagram and can see an endless array of the brushstrokes.