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A Simple Informative Guide for Teeth Whitening in Vancouver

Most of us have always dreamed of having teeth as white as the snow, but there’s a problem with it: some of us just don’t have naturally white teeth, or we just ignored our dental health to some extent, and we are now suffering the consequences.

There are also people who regardless of having good dental care, just can’t achieve such perfect white teeth on their own, and this is very normal in fact. Then, how does one achieve such a thing? Well, there’s a process known as teeth whitening, and in this article, I will walk you through the process, and provide some alternatives.

What is Tooth Whitening?

As mentioned in this article, it is also known as teeth bleaching, and it can be described as a method of lightening the teeth’ color to a point in which is visually pleasing to the eye. Sadly, as we grow older, teeth can lose their natural white color along the way due to several reasons.

There are many different methods of bleaching the teeth to achieve this desirable color, but we will discuss them later in this article. First of all, we have to discuss a very important aspect of this problem: what causes it.

What Causes Discoloration

Discoloration problems and stains can be caused by natural reasons since it is normal for us to lose the outer layer of a tooth with the passing of time. 

Just so you know, some people might have a more resistant outer layer, commonly referred to as enamel, that lasts for longer and is more resistant to external influences. Others might have brighter enamels as well, but it is normal for them to lose their color as we grow older.

Some other reasons for discoloration include the food we eat. Things like coffee, colas, wines, tea, and even very specific vegetables and fruits like potatoes and apples, can cause stains.

Smoking is a very harmful thing to our teeth and is one of the main reasons for stains and discoloration as well. It also reduces our overall dental health, even affecting the gums and causing diseases along the process. 

Poor dental hygiene is another reason and the origin of diseases that can affect the appearance of our denture. Therefore having good dental health is particularly important to begin with. 

Believe it or not, at times, it can also be caused by the water we consume. Water with naturally high levels of fluoride, for example, can cause this problem. Toothpaste and dental care supplements might also affect our dentures to a certain extent.

How It Works: In-Office Procedure

The most common way whitening is applied is thanks to the help of a professional dentist, and the procedure is often done inside of a dental clinic or dentist’s office. 

This process involves the use of something known as carbamide peroxide, which causes a chemical reaction in the teeth that recovers their natural color. This process is considered very safe per se, and even more if it’s applied by a professional.

Thankfully, the procedure is very short and if you decide to go for this option, it might last for a very long-time in comparison to other alternatives. This is because of the professional dentist, that will make sure he or she gets the job done as neatly as possible.

There’s also the fact that the procedure performed by a professional dentist relies on products that are more powerful and have higher levels of carbamide peroxide, which results in a much more reliable outcome. It is a very painless procedure since pain is a very common concern when it comes to dental care and dental procedures perform by professionals. 

You can learn more detailed information on the matter over here, in case you are interested

Treatment at Home

You also have the option of doing a treatment at home. There are multiple options, each one working differently from the other, but capable of achieving the same result: white teeth. 

When it comes to doing the procedure at home, a dentist might recommend using a custom-fit tray that fits perfectly in your denture. Along with a gel that will be applied to the tray, you will use it from 1 hour to thirty minutes per day, for a few weeks, based on the dentist’s decision.

This option is rather comfortable and non-invasive, and it is rather safe as long as you follow the dentist’s instructions. It’s very hard for someone to cause problems or suffer from side-effects with this method, too.

Over-the-Counter Products

There’s also the option of buying products specifically made for whitening your teeth. These are over-the-counter products, though. Because of this reason, these products contain low to 0 levels of carbamide peroxide concentrations, so they might not be as effective as an in-office procedure. 

Depending on the gravity of your problem and the product, you might not get results at all, so you must take that into consideration when deciding which option is best for you. A general rule of thumb you should follow is to buy products that have been approved by the American Dental Association and have their Seal of Acceptance.

With that said, some products might be available for purchase without this seal, and they can still be very solid products. You should, in that case, do your research and look for their reputation online and whether they are safe to use, and if they work or not.

Among the products you might be able to use, you have:

  • Whitening Toothpaste: Known for taking time to bring results, but also a very non-invasive and safe method. Still, always make sure to research the brand you decide to go for beforehand.

    This is because, although these don’t contain carbamide peroxide, it still works by creating a chemical reaction in your teeth that works overtime. If you choose wrong, you might end up with a toothpaste that is too strong and might cause damages.

    Online research tends to be more than enough to come up with solid choices for you when it comes to whitening toothpaste.
  • Whitening Strips: This option contains low levels of carbamide peroxide, and they are applied to the teeth one time each day, for a period of time indicated by the product.
  • Activated Charcoal: This can be considered a home-made alternative, and although hasn’t been scientifically proven to work, some people still rely on it.

Last Words

Generally speaking, teeth whitening is always better if it’s done by a professional. Although it is a more expensive investment, the results will be much better, long-lasting, and the procedure is quick and safe. 

If you want to have teeth whitening done no matter what, relying on the other option is another way to approach the process, but I would not recommend it that much just because of the amount of research as well as knowledge you will have to gain to do the process correctly, and even then, you might not get the results you want.

Of course, there are people who have managed to achieve great results while using them, but it is always better to go for a more reliable and safer option. If you can, you save some money and go for a professional dentist instead.