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The Benefits Of Incorporating Variety In Your Workouts

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With the New Year in sight, many of us are looking at ways to better our health in 2023. Whilst the gym is always a go-to option, some are looking for alternative ways to get a workout even at home. Whilst there are several of the best online workout programs available to purchase online, there are also free alternatives that are available on YouTube to increase your activity and build a good relationship with your body. Regardless of your fitness goals, we’re taking a closer look at why you need to be incorporating variety in your workouts and the risk of following the same routine. 

Greater Enjoyment 

If you have ever been mid workout and wanted to cut your session short, it may be because your routine is too competitive, forcing you to carry out the same movements each time. This is particularly true if we are working out for a reason such as to lose weight and, by following the same workout routine each time, you may actually feel as though you aren’t actually achieving anything. Switching up your routine from time to time will ultimately make working out a lot less boring and a lot more enjoyable, encouraging you to get up and be active. 

Achieve Fitness Goals Quicker

Even though we are humans of habit, following the same workout routine may be putting you further behind at achieving your goals. Instead of progressing to reach your goals, all you’re doing by incorporating a lack of variety in your workouts is overworking certain muscles, which may also prolong your recovery time. Instead, research different fitness routines that can help you achieve what’s wanted. That way, you can achieve your goals much more quickly and prepare further routines to follow once your current workout routine has achieved its purpose.

Reduced Injury Risk 

By following the same workout routine each time you work out at home or at the gym, you may unknowingly be increasing your risk of injury. This is because a lack of variation in your routine is likely to lead to the overworking of certain muscles, not the whole body. So, even though working out will still improve your muscle strength and endurance, incorporating a lack of variation in your routine will enhance your risk of possible injury and tiredness making it more difficult for you to perform optimally. 

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Improved Strength

One of the best ways to improve your strength is to add variation to your fitness routine. By doing so, you’re exercising a range of muscles, not just the same muscles each time you workout. As a result, overtime these muscles will become stronger, making it easier for you to complete a former routine, preparing your body for greater progression. This applies to any form of training, including strength training, whereby making small changes to your routine will develop a new stimulus. Strong muscles can also help to improve your balance, posture, and coordination, too. 

Good luck with your fitness journey in 2023!