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A Guide On What To Eat When You’re In The Lake District

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When you’re on holiday, one of the biggest challenges is finding something that everyone wants to eat! Luckily, if you’re planning on travelling to the Lake District this summer, they aren’t short of places to dine. 

The Lake District, known for its gorgeous picturesque scenery as well as a tonne of activities to do and places to explore, also has another hidden gem: the places to eat. In the Lakes you can find a wide variety of places to eat, and most hotels offer a lovely dining experience for you to take advantage of. 

The Lake District Hotels have helped create this guide on what to eat when you come to the Lake District. Keep reading to find out more. 

Afternoon tea 

If you’ve never been for English afternoon tea before, you should definitely consider it when you arrive in the Lake District. Afternoon tea comprises a range of traditional teas, as well as an assortment of picnic and finger food. The food includes delicate sandwiches, scones with buttercream and jam, and a selection of other sweet treats such as tea cakes, pastries, cakes, and more. Depending on where you go, the afternoon tea may vary of course. 

Afternoon tea is a lovely activity to do, especially when you're in a scenic location such as somewhere in the Lake District. Some hotels in and around the Lakes will offer afternoon tea as a service, so make sure to research beforehand if this is something that interests you. 

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Fine dining 

If you’re looking to have a sophisticated dining experience on your holiday to the Lake District this summer, you’re going to want to visit one of the many fine dining restaurants they offer. Fine dining is an experience that offers more than the average restaurant, it offers a unique and sophisticated dining experience that you don’t get everyday. 

It's for these reasons that fine dining is an excellent thing to do when you’re on holiday. Whether you’re having a romantic holiday, or you’re on holiday with your closest friends or one of your parents, a fine dining experience could be the cherry on top. 

Selective hotels dotted around the Lake District offer a fine dining experience in their restaurant. If fine dining is something you want to experience on your summer holiday, simply research and book in with one of these hotels to make things easier. 

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Sunday lunch

Another dining experience that many restaurants and pubs offer in the Lake District is Sunday lunch. If you’re unfamiliar, a Sunday lunch simply refers to a special service that restaurants run on Sunday afternoons. This service includes a traditional Sunday roast, which many people enjoy. 

If you’re a big advocate for a Sunday lunch, you don’t want to miss it in the Lake District, as many restaurants offer this service at an excellent quality. If you’re a big fan of traditional pub food, you’ll find no shortage of this in the Lakes also.