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Things you may be doing wrong with your contact lenses


For many with eye power, contact lenses are a savior. Contact lenses are meant to make life easier for you in more than one way. However, if not cared for and maintained properly, they can cause more harm than help to your eyes. It is also important that you pick a good brand of contact lens, such as Acuvue contact lenses. Here are the most common mistakes that people make with their contact lenses and should be avoided:


Wearing them to bed

In order to fight germs in your eyes, they need to be exposed to oxygen. Although your eyes are shut while you are asleep, they have a minimal amount of oxygen reaching them. Wearing your contact lenses to bed deprives them of any kind of movement or moisture, causing them to dry out your eyes, further causing itchiness. Your eyes don’t feel good after having a night's sleep with them on the right? This is the reason. Thus, always remember to remove your contact lenses before hitting the bed, even if it is during your afternoon nap.


Over-wearing them

Your contact lenses expiry date has arrived, but they still seem to be serving the purpose? Do you continue using them or throw them out and pick a fresh pair? While the latter seems to be the right way, not everyone abides by it. We take their productivity for granted and continue using the old ones. Over-wearing contact lenses can cause irritation, tear of lenses, or even cause an infection sometimes. Thus, stick to the expiry date prescribed by the brand.

Replacing contact lens solution with water

They look the same and might as well do the same? Contact lens solution is formulated to disinfect any kind of bacteria that might have developed in the lenses. On the other hand, water does not do the same and might, in fact, infect the lens with bacteria. Thus, it is extremely important that you must wash your contact lenses only with a clean solution every night.

Reusing contact lens solution

Reusing your contact lens solution to clean your lenses is as good as using dirty water to wash your clothes or dishes. Used solution has already cleaned the lenses before and now has the bacteria in it. Just because it looks crystal clear, it by no means is. Make sure you use a fresh contact lens solution every time you clean them.

Showering or swimming with your lenses on

This is a big no-no. Just like the previous point, having your contact lens exposed to water is directly having them exposed to bacteria. While exposing them to water, not only may they dislocate them in your eyes, but may also cause them to stick on tighter than they should. This again deprives the eyes of the oxygen that they need causing eye irritation, infection, and so on.

Dirty hands when handling them

Our fingers and palms are exposed to several bacteria and germs throughout the day, as they are the first point of contact in most cases. Dirty hands, while handling contact lenses, may only cause irritation and more discomfort rather than cleaning them out.

These simple tips should help you maintain and have a better eye health while using contact lenses. You must choose a good brand of contact lenses when you are picking one for yourself. You can find several brands of contact lenses online, as well. Make sure your eye doctor approves the brand that you choose.