Eyes Around The World

The contactlensesplus team specializing in the human eye decided to survey their colored contact lens customers and found out that 1 out of every 5 of them have called in sick at work in the past because they had run out of their colored contacts. It is understandable if everyone always knows someone as blue-eyed, and suddenly, one-day brown eyes will appear, which would be an awkward situation. Therefore they created the project "Eyes Around the World." Considering statistics, they chose to conduct an interesting global experiment: In almost every single country around the World, Photoshop is widely used to erase the gap between reality and unrealistic standards of beauty. They contacted 95 designers around the world with one and only one direction: Make the eyes of our subject 'beautiful' using your perception of beauty. The results are surprisingly quite different. They were told that 'In Japan, big eyes are considered ideal. If you go into PuriKura (photobooth), which is a popular activity in our culture, the first choice you are met with is to choose your eye size.' while in Croatia 'wider eyes are preferred.' In Denmark, 'bushier eyebrows are all the rage' yet in Nigeria 'the eyebrows need to follow a neat shape.' In Mongolia, 'The eye color was lightened because many Mongolians wear light brown contact lenses as an accessory' but in Greece 'blue eyes like the color of our sea are beautiful.'

Here are some photos and gifs that show the variety of perception of beauty in the eyes.

South Korea