7 Fresh Features Possible With Unique Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

You know the best memories a person ever makes mostly come from their childhood. Those memories we had of our childhood are what define us later in life. Now, as a parent you may want to give your kids the world. You want to educate and equip them for a life well lived. You also want them to feel special and cherish every moment.

This is where birthdays play a vital role. They are your best chance at making some awesome memories they can talk about for years to come. Think about it, it’s their birthday, and they feel like the center of the universe. You get all their friends over, sort out all the gifts, cake and ice cream. But what are you going to do to make the event truly special? Well, we may have some ideas.

Here are the seven smartest ideas for kids’ birthday parties we’ve ever come across.

Head Chef Theme

Has your child ever wanted to stir some brownie batter or whip up some eggs with mum or dad? You can bet they enjoyed cooking the dish almost as much as eating it. Making something to eat you is a very tangible good feeling. It gives a sense of achievement, and it satisfies hunger, what could be better?

The head chef theme focuses on those budding chefs who want to cook and decorate their favorite doughnuts and cookies themselves. Just get a few of the essential ingredients and guide the kids through it. Lots of fun.

head chef

Bouncy Birthday

Bouncing is fun no matter how old you are. Many parents get their kids trampolines for birthday’s, so this could be a great gift as well as a party attraction. Google some Trampoline Reviews and pick the best one. Just make sure it gets delivered to the party at the right time. Too soon and it ruins the surprise and too late you’ll be left without it.



Some kids are really brainy and need something more. Take them and their friends to the planetarium for some insane 3d experiences. They’ll never forget it.

Open Gym

Another party theme where the Trampoline Reviews could come in handy. Get a trampoline and some local gym to give access for a while and let the kids loose. Keep some snacks and sweets on standby for when they get done too.

open gym

Dress Up

Do as the name suggests – Dress Up! Why have costumes reserved for only Halloween when you can have a fancy dress party for your kid’s birthday?

dress up

Bubble Party

A lot of fun if done right, this theme involves some very creative uses of bubbles. You can get some bubble making stuff online and pretty much blow bubbles the size of people and envelope them in it. Maybe add a DJ or entertainer too and you are good to go. Everyone likes bubbles, and when you fill every corner of a party with them, the effect is unforgettable. Yes, it really is as fun as it sounds.

bubble party

Roller skates

Some of my favourite childhood memories come from when I was roller skating. I really did love them a lot and was almost always on a pair of skates around my neighbourhood. Which is why I wonder why my parents never thought about a roller-skate themed birthday party for me. Imagine cotton candy, drinks, cupcakes, music and, of course, roller skates. It’s a great combination and if your kid knows how to skate it is a clear winner for their next party.