7 unique ideas for your next party

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Going to someone's party can be an extravagantly fun affair. That said, planning your own party can be more stressful than you might have ever imagined. For instance, having to invite 10 to 20 people over for an event that might captivate half the people while leaving the other half yawning is something to avoid. To ensure as many people as possible are enthralled by your party planning, it is important to involve a little bit of intrigue, humor, or promises of random riches.

1. Murder mystery dinner party

For any get together, a murder mystery dinner party is certain to captivate people's attention and please their collective palates. To launch this type of investigative party, it is important to first invite friends who have an eye for detail and a penchant for getting to the bottom of things.

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Of course, all your friends will perform differently when it comes to fictional detective work, so the dinner comes in handy for some extra added fun where people can discuss clues and possibilities. Following the delectable dining experience, you can return to the mystery at hand and role play until someone has determined who among your apparently innocent party has committed this dastardly deed.

The best part about this party is that it is fueled by food and alcohol, ensuring everyone enjoys the party.

2. Movie marathon

For people who like to enjoy the company of others in relative peace and quiet, movie marathons offer you the ability to snack, drink, and comment on movies playing continuously throughout the night.

That said, this type of party works best if everyone invited is required to bring his or her favorite movie. Doing so will allow people to enjoy at least one movie. Additionally, people can get to know one another while also allowing everyone to relax and chat privately as the movie rolls ever onward.

3. Casino dice and cards

Nothing screams party night quite like the opportunity to win hundreds or thousands of dollars on the roll of dice or the turn of a hand of cards. However, any time you host a party of attendees intent on extreme fun, a night of casino dice and cards at The Real Deal Fun Casino will, at the very least, lead to a lot of laughter.

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No matter how your luck plays out, it is always a fun time when you can tell the dealer to do what he or she does best--deal 'em.

4. Taco bar

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Parties centered around food are the quintessential gathering for everyday weekend gatherings or festive holiday events. That said, of all the foods capable of serving as a focal point, tacos are always a crowd pleasure. They are tasty, and they allow you to build your perfect meal. Of course, with this type of party, it is important to also toss in a few margaritas.

5. Classic board games

From Monopoly to Cranium, everyone has the opportunity to win when the party centers around classic board games. That said, the term "classic board games" can also involve a variety of modern classics, such as Cards Against Humanity, Catan, and Risk.

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In terms of family fun, Cards Against Humanity might not be the most appropriate game to be played with family members or fathers and mothers. Even so, it can represent a up-roaring good time--even if it is a little bit embarrassing. Catan is a modern strategy game--as is the classic game, Risk. Regarding these two games, all anyone can say to one another is good luck!

6. Poker: Texas style

Made famous on cable television across the globe, Texas Hold'em is a sure-fire way to keep people entertained while also giving them the chance to win big money or significant bragging rights. Over a hot dish of nachos and cheese dip, for instance, this game can serve as the focal point for everyone intent on proving their poker face.

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7. Comedy night

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For a night out, comedy night represents the chance to entertain others while allowing someone else to do all the entertaining. Because the brilliance of this idea rests solely on scheduling, you will have to keep track of all the upcoming comedians performing in your area and be able to match those concert nights with your friends' senses of humor. To make things easier, most comedy clubs serve light drinks to help loosen up your sense of humor.