Yoruba Chess Board Design is Inspired by Ayo Game

Do you love chess? Have you ever tried the Yoruba game, Ayo? If not, you're in for a treat! African designer Philion has designed a chessboard that takes on the layout of Ayo.

This unique design is inspired by the rules of chess and is perfect for anyone looking for a new challenge. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting, this Yoruba Chess Board Design will test your skills to the max! Ayo, like chess, is a traditional board game played by the Yoruba people in which two players try to "capture" their opponent's seeds.

According to its two defining pockets, the board game is rectangular and has the same theme as chess. African designer @philion.cgi abstracted the shapes of traditional chess pieces into rounded forms and added pockets to the chessboard after seeing how similar the games are. The layout and appearance of Ayo add a distinct personality to the board while the game is in progress. The chessboard has a minimalist profile with natural wood components and a free-flowing design.

To make their chess pieces more similar to seeds, Philion adapted them. Each part fits securely in its compartment, with rounded corners and smooth edges that fit easily into the board's compartments. The chessmen's pockets give them a firm hold on the board so that the game is both balanced and sturdy.

Designer: @philion.cgi