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Assisted Living Facilities Explained 

Perhaps you yourself are considering making the move to an established assisted living facility? Moreover, maybe you are researching senior living options for a family member, close friend, or other loved one?

Either way, it can be somewhat confusing and a sensory overload when confronted with the sheer quantity of information available on the internet so here—with the hope of helping to simplify your search—is an explanation of exactly what assisted living facilities are and their many benefits. 

Assisted Living Facilities: Defined

Essentially, assisted living facilities are the proverbial halfway house between living independently in one’s own home and being cared for in professional nursing or care home. 

An inevitable part of getting older is becoming slightly—or in some cases significantly—less physically able. The reason for moving to a reputable and renowned assisted living facility, such as assisted living Houston, is to have stressful daily obligations taken care of. 

However, the other element of assisted living communities is that should a resident move into the community needing more assistance with activities such as bathing, dressing, or food preparation, the staff is on-site to help. Additionally, should the capabilities, or even desires, of an individual resident change over time, personalized care and assistance plans mean that the staff and community as a whole will adapt and change with them? 

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Questions To Ask Potential Assisted Living Facilities

If you have indeed decided, or your loved one has decided, that they would like to make the exciting and incredibly beneficial move to an established assisted living community, then there are several key questions to ask staff on a walk around before you commit. 

Such questions include, but are not limited to:

  1. How many residents live in the community?
  2. Is there a medically trained professional on-site 24/7?
  3. What training do their staff receive?
  4. How are meal plans tailor-made to each resident?
  5. Does the monthly (or yearly) cost include excursions, trips, and extra activities?
  6. Is there copious outside space?
  7. What kind of entertainment and enrichment programs do they provide the residents?

Benefits Of Moving To Assisted Living Facilities 

There is a wide range of wonderful advantages to making the move to an assisted living facility, and the new resident’s loved ones will be equally as satisfied and happy with knowing their family member or close friend is safe, secure, and cared for. 

Individuals residing at an assisted living facility will be afforded a great quality of life and are sure to make new connections and even friendships quickly due to the various community programs and activity schedules. Healthcare amenities are part and parcel of a reputable community and physical exercise provision—whether that be walking around the local area or even exercise classes in the communal areas. 

Assisted living facilities to provide a relaxing and entertaining atmosphere and the fully trained staff focus on providing the best possible quality of life for their residents—making them an ideal place for an elderly loved one who no longer wants, or indeed can, live on their own.