Elderly Couple with Dementia Celebrate 65th Anniversary with Loveable Photo Session

Before, couples' photograph sessions were typically restricted to a wedding and infants' births. Today, however, an increasing number of twosomes are choosing to celebrate their long-term love with anniversary picture shoots. While every one of those sessions is every bit as endearing, the narrative behind older bunch Ruby's and Harold's session is very upsetting.

Five decades before, Megan Vaughan captured the couple's love in a string of anniversary photographs. Pleased with her prior job, they contacted the photographer, who had been excited to record the adorable bunch.

While she was pleased to remember the "always smiling" Harold hadn't altered a bit, she discovered that Ruby, who has dementia, is currently more clearly influenced by the disease. "She did not remember the last time we took photos together." "When she kissed me at the door, she wrapped me up in a tight kiss...just like you'd hug family you had not seen in quite a very long time," she reminisces.

Considering that the couple's inspirational interactions and Vaughan's amazing photography abilities, it is not surprising that the session led to a stunning set of photographs. In every snap, the enduring love between Harold--that had been dressed in a dapper suit--and Ruby--who wore a gorgeous black gown and clutched a fragrance--is evident, since they kiss, cuddle, and laugh with each other. "It is so amazing to find a long-term love like theirs," Vaughan says. "I feel it ought to be celebrated, recorded, precious, remembered and something to strive for."

In honor of the 65th wedding anniversary, cute older couple Ruby and Harold requested photographer Megan Vaughan to record their love within an anniversary picture shoot.