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Expert Tips for Managing Common Infant Nutrition Challenges

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Regarding scientific research and clinical trials, breast milk is the best food for newborns because it contains the required nutrients a baby needs to thrive. Caregivers must buy good-quality formula if breastfeeding is impossible because it’s their responsibility, according to the “Convention of Rights of the Children.” 

Why is it hard to choose the right baby formula? Why do experts recommend choosing organic baby formula similar to HiPP Combiotic stage 1 Dutch as the best alternative to breast milk?

Why Should Baby Formula Be of Good Quality?

According to American statistics, 45% of newborns die because of a deficiency of nutrients and bacteria that low-quality formulas contain. In 2020, 45 million children were underweight, and over 39 million children were obese. Consequently, parents are responsible for their kids’ well-being, and they should better choose organic baby food that contains the following ingredients:

  • natural powder milk 
  • vitamins and minerals derived naturally
  • the required proportion of fats, carbs, and proteins
  • probiotics, prebiotics, and omega acids

Non-organic formulas contain ingredients that can hurt a child.

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What Ingredients Can Hurt a Baby?

If parents feed a baby with a low-quality formula, it can become sick or suffer from different side effects. What adverse effects can a baby suffer if parents buy the cheapest baby formula?

Gastrointestinal problems

The non-organic formula usually contains a lot of sugar, GMOs, and artificial ingredients that lead to digestion problems. It can be diarrhea, constipation, and severe intoxication.

Allergic reactions

Low-quality baby formula has ingredients that can harm a baby by causing severe allergic reactions, such as skin rash, swelling of body parts, and itching. As a rule, babies negatively react to artificial components that non-organic formulas contain, such as GMOs, colorants, sweeteners, taste enhancers, and more.

Dental problems

Kids usually have tooth decay when they eat too many sweets or drink sweet soda. Dentists don’t recommend eating lollipops and drinking coke because they negatively impact tooth enamel and provoke tooth decay. Non-organic baby formulas may have sugar that a baby eats regularly, so the impact of sugar is constant.

Vitamin Deficiency

Non-organic baby formulas can lack the required nutrients because their manufacturers usually use low-quality ingredients to cheapen the product. 

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What Should You Do 

Breastfeeding is the easiest and the safest food for babies. Mothers should just have healthy eating habits and keep their breasts clean to supply babies with the required nutrients. What should you do to choose the best formula for your baby?

  • Pay attention to the ingredients

Safe formula excludes artificial colorants, taste enhancers, stabilizers, preservatives, antibiotics, and other chemicals.

  • Follow a healthy baby feeding chart

It's essential to give the baby time to digest food properly. The average break between meals must be at least three hours.

  • Exclusive organic formula feeding during the first six months

Pediatricians recommend avoiding everything except breast milk or organic baby formula in the first six months of a newborn's life. Water may be given only in hot seasons if a baby shows it requires it (dry lips, problematic defecation, etc). Remember that water must be of good quality or at least filtered and boiled.