This 89-Year-Old Japanese Grandma Discovered Photography, and She Can’t Stop Taking Funny Self-Portraits

Many men and women believe technology is for young men and women, but nobody told Kimiko Nishimoto that. She's an 89-year-old Japanese grandma who's been photographing and documenting her own images for the last 17 decades, and as you can see below, her personality is certainly unique!

She did not get into photography until she was 72 years old. Her son was teaching a beginner's class, and so she chose to enroll, oblivious that she had been about to alert a passion and a talent she never even knew she had. She immediately fell in love with photography and set about snapping different quirky and funny self-portraits. She had her first solo exhibition ten decades after, at a local museum in her hometown of Kumamoto, and today she's about to get her work exhibited at Tokyo's Epson epsite imaging gallery. Titled "Asobokane" - meaning "let's play" - the exhibition will contain previously unseen work from the octogenarian artist, so if you happen to be in Tokyo between December 15, 2017, and January 18, 2018, then make sure you look it over. Think you're too old to try something new? Think again.