Ahmad Habash’ Project “Anthropomorphism” Humanizes Animals And Animalizes Humans

At school, we all certainly learned the concept of anthropomorphism. It is giving human features and human motives of conduct to objects, ideas, phenomena, and animals. But it's also a personal project based on changing photos to humanize animals and animalizes humans. The project author is putting the face of the animal into the human body, and conversely. It is done in such a fantastic way that it is sometimes difficult to say whether it is giving human traits to animals or blending these two units into unity. Each photo allows you to delve into the character of a person, his psyche. The author of the project Ahmad Habash converts the original photographs of artists that he found on Unsplash and Pexels. Images appear in color, black-and-white, and sepia. The characters perform simple everyday activities and more artistic ones also. The composition is perfectly preserved, and all elements fit together. Looking at these photographs inclines me to consider what kind of animal I am. Probably need to think about it more in case of some job interview in the future.