An English Photographer Showed Exaggeration of Uniformity In a Playful Photo Series

London based photographer, Eliška Kyselková desired to portray the "lively approach" to sports in her photographic collection, Team Spirit. Inspired by the sameness of these players' uniforms as well as by the uniqueness of every player's individual moves at any given time, these are the two components that take precedence in her photos.

The color-infused background of a grass tennis court as well as an ever-changing set of props - from badminton rackets to ping pong, tennis and basketballs - tip in the game element in every one of the images; but that is only where the simple fact of the game depiction stops, and the whimsy of Eliška's photo fiction begins...

These "athletes" are now interacting with these components in ways unheard of in conventional sportsmanship - and observing a very one-of-a-kind set of playing rules! Take the image of the four "gamers" in matching green lycra bodysuits enjoying with a unique model of tennis with ping pong rackets - that can be implanted beneath their bodysuits, of course - while warding off an "attack" from ping pong balls. Or the picture of the athletes -now consuming red lycra bodysuits - rehearsing an acrobatic move all the while surrounded by a precise circle of badminton birdies. Let's not even begin attempting to analyze the double take caused by the tough - literally - image of multicolored, lycra-clad thighs and ping pong balls.

In most of the images by Eliška Kyselková, the elements of humor and exaggeration tie-in beautifully with the ethos of cooperation, as well the competitive nature underlying all sports. These are not literal depictions, by any stretch of the imagination, but creativity is just what makes them so amusing and fun, witty and enlightening.