What If Early 1900s Settlers Arrived in Modern-Day NYC

Hungarian artist Flora Borsi was always enticing us with her work whether it herself-portrait merged with animals or figures from abstract paintings. Today, with her brand new string The Forgotten Dream, she has taken her picture manipulations to a different level by handling the subject of immigration.Using archival pictures and combining them with photographs of modern day New York, she merges past and present. By pushing us to see those old figures in a contemporary context, she also reminds us of just how much has stayed the same for immigrants.

"Last year I was to Ellis Island, and I instantly had a bad feeling about that area. Approximately I understood what occurred in Ellis Island and after I have been considering the likeness of present the immigration reforms at the USA," Borsi writes. "I created a study, and it is unfortunate what happened to a lot of Immigrants. Many perished in Ellis Island while waiting and hoping to get a chance for a brand new life. In this way, their vision came true. I made this project for a reminder and commemorated into the 3,500 people who perished there."

Set in a brand new, colorized planet, the ancient figures carry a much higher weight. Lost, confused, yet hopeful, they roam the streets of the new house, seeking the chances they aspire awaits them.

Artist Flóra Borsi was motivated to incorporate these historical images into a modern day landscape through photography manipulation after a trip to Ellis Island.

h/t This Isn't Happiness

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