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How To Drive Organic Traffic To Photography Website

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Websites with visual content are very popular with users if adequately promoted. However, it is more difficult for owners to get organic traffic to a photography site, as there is usually very little text content. Therefore, we analyzed different photography business websites. That helped us create a checklist for increasing organic traffic to sites with visual content. Read to the end to find out more interesting things! 

5 Tools To Promote Photography Website

Attracting organic traffic is primarily done through quality SEO. The principle lies in that people do not go to the site through advertising links but through the search engine Google and others. Therefore, high rates of organic traffic positively impact a site's rankings, but click-throughs alone are not enough. 

Several key factors affect the amount of organic traffic:

  • Unique and interesting content;
  • Backlinks;
  • Social media promotion;
  • High page load speed;
  • Absence of advertisements for banned products;
  • E-mail mailings;
  • Filled metadata and more.

We will look at the key rules of SEO for photographers and sites on this topic. This will allow you to rank pages faster and attract organic traffic.

Expertise and uniqueness of the content

Using non-unique content is a losing decision, resulting in a claim from the right holder. Therefore, it is necessary to create and optimize your own content to ensure organic conversions. This rule applies not only to text but also to photos, pictures, and videos. In the case of publishing other people's content, you need to get permission from the copyright holder and provide a link to the original source.

Another nuance is expertise, which plays an important role in page ranking and SEO photo trends. In today's reality, search engines do not focus on quality optimization but on the semantic uniqueness and usefulness that the site's content can bring the visitor. Content should answer the question that the user enters the search box. If the material contains outdated, uninteresting, or deliberately untrue data, visitors will leave the site. An increasing number of bounces will have a negative impact on ranking.

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Backlinks are an important part of external search engine optimization. This tool speeds up the indexing of pages and increases the amount of organic traffic. It is easy to use SEO packages to get quick results. In addition, it allows you to create and place many backlinks in a short time on partner sites with a good reputation in Google. 

You can try to place backlinks yourself. However, in practice, it takes too much time. 

Social media promotion

Social media is an effective tool to manage opinions and attract traffic to a website with photos. You can create a group to communicate with potential customers, where announcements, information about promotions, discounts, new publications, and other content will be published. Before you start an advertising campaign on social networks, you need to analyze competitors' groups and look at the situation through the eyes of an ordinary user. If the posts are interesting, subscribers will start liking and sharing them, which will provide additional free advertising and coverage. For example, wedding photographers have a very strong community. If you can offer them favorable conditions, for example, for retouching in packages or a selection of good wedding presets for Lightroom and Photoshop, this will guaranty bring traffic to the site. So add social media advertising to your promotion strategy for the photography website.

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Mobile Website

More than 65% of users use mobile devices to surf the Internet. Information from confirms this. You can't lose such a huge audience, so it's worth taking care to have a mobile version of your site with photos. It will allow you to increase the reach of your target audience by several times and increase the volume of sales and subscriptions. You can create a mobile version or opt for an adaptive design. In the latter case, there will be an automatic adjustment for the screens of different devices.

Eliminate technical errors on the site

Identify and eliminate technical errors on the site can be using the following methods:

  • Self-checking the speed of loading pages;
  • Analysis of the site for technical and server errors;
  • Ordering a comprehensive audit. The best solution for finding and eliminating all kinds of problems, but the service has a rather high cost;
  • Using paid and free services. The optimal solution for those who want to get quick results with minimal financial investment. Services allow you to detect errors in SEO and other key positions. 

The detected errors should be corrected independently or thanks to a professional, which will make the site attractive for users and search engines. This will attract more traffic to the photography website. After the audit, you can get rid of duplicates, speed up loading, identify affiliates and solve other problems.

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We've looked at different ways to increase traffic on websites with photos. These methods are relevant for different types of sites. You need to provide the site's pages with unique content with keywords and phrases. Do not forget about guest posting, metadata, structure, and the absence of prohibited advertising on the site. These recommendations will help speed up the site's indexing in search engines.