a group of people standing next to a tree

Photographer Blends Hundreds Of Photos To Create A Chaotic Over-Populated World

With many experts prophesying that the world population will hit 11 billion by 2100, Boston based photographer Pelle Cass's interesting series Selected People might be a stark warning of what's to come. Choosing a particular location – a street corner or park – he takes hundreds of exposures of the same spot throughout an entire day. He then takes his work back to his studio to join the photos and create layer after layer of people, traffic, and wildlife. The outcome is often chaotic scenes that show us a sight of what could be an over-populated world.

Cass states: “This work both orders the world and exaggerates its chaos. With the camera on a tripod, I take many dozens of pictures and simply leave in the figures I choose and omit the rest. The photos are composite, but nothing has been changed, only selected. My subject is the singularity of time, the exact way people look, and a wonderful world that is visible only with a camera.”