Photos of farmers yielding lilies from the Mekong Delta

Annually, Mekong's Delta gets filled with long-stemmed, stunning lilies that are a result of flooding that supports the waterway. Farmers in the Long An province, in between September and mid-November, spend their time harvesting these gentle flowers.
A photographer, Pham Huy Trung, found this spectacle very incredible and used his skill set to capture breathtaking aerial pictures of the scene.
Daring high waters and intense heat, the artist came away with a stunning assemblage of images. There is a pleasing contrast between the dark waters, colorful blossoms, and the traditional hats worn by the farmers in many of them. The majority of lilies are white or deep pink hue. White plants bloom only at night, hence their name "ghost flowers."
The scene of the harvest draws many photographers and travelers, but for locals, it is an all-day hard work. Lilies grow without special care, so the farmers gather them together and bundle them onto their boats. These flowers bring additional income, as they can be both food(the plant can be used for tea, and the stalks are edible) and decoration.
The artist hopes he can bring a new level of appreciation to this tradition and show the world the beauty of hard work.