Sri Lankan Architect’s Glamping Cabin: A Nature Lover’s Dream Come True

If you enjoy spending time in the outdoors, this next tale is sure to delight you! Thilina Liyanage, a Sri Lankan architect, created a stunning glamping cabin that allows visitors to camp right in the middle of nature. This is the ideal escape for anybody looking to get away from it all. With spectacular views of the forest and a murmuring spring, this is the perfect retreat for anyone wanting to unwind. So if you’re looking for a rustic Cabin with a view, be sure to check out this fantastic design by Thilina Liyanage!

The cabin has an organic form of a lotus bud (Liyanage’s work is strongly influenced by bio-inspiration), and there is room for a bed within, with open slits in the wall for ventilation and light to enter. The cabin has its deck with two chairs and a coffee table, providing the most peaceful lounging space for a pair of miles!

The name originates from the fact that it is situated on a riverbank, which serves as the property’s perimeter. It’s in an ideal location for fishing because it faces both banks of the stream. It is built on a stone base that keeps it elevated above the water, allowing for efficient cooling of the floor without flooding. A wooden bridge must be crossed to get to the cabin.

There are two separate versions of Liyanage’s house. The main structure is bamboo, but it may be covered in a translucent fabric or thick hay, allowing you to select your level of solitude and the amount of shade within. The best aspect of the cabin, in my opinion, is the front deck, which offers one of the most spectacular views available and allows you to relax with greenery and nature before you. A bubbling brook runs right beneath you!