All images used courtesy of Zebra One Gallery

Rare Photos of Salvador Dali and Picasso Unveiled

Salvador Dali is a cult icon all over the world. His eccentric style, both in artwork and general aesthetic, has transcended during the decades to secure his place among the most recognized artists of all time. Similarly, Pablo Picasso -- the pioneer of Cubism -- is truly unmistakable. Hence, when something new comes along that links to these highly regarded individuals, it is all the more exciting.

Hampstead's Zebra One Gallery has unveiled uncommon and never-before-seen photos of legendary artists including Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, and Joan Miro, now on screen till the end of September.

During Salvador Dali's career, a question that reoccurred time and time again was whether he'd cut his iconic mustache -- a point that you will notice is addressed in a number of these shots, together with him stood in the mirror using a razor and sword in hand.