Rowan Papier Photography

Rowan Papier is a British photographer who specializes in fashion and portrait photography. He graduated from The London College of Fashion before making his way to New York, where he worked for Bruce Weber at the age 18. His studies on beauty, art, and identity made him naturally inclined towards fashion photography which became an integral part of his work as well- documenting every subject with respect while being able to engage fully with them so that they can shine through their own distinct personalities like ‘Muses’.

The first thing you’ll notice in a Rowan Papier photo is the models. You can’t help but feel as if they are living their lives without any worries whatsoever, like something from an old Hollywood film or a painting by one of history’s great artists. They’re so confident with themselves, so carefree, looking directly into your eyes in a way that makes you feel like they want to befriend you for life. The second thing you’ll notice is his use of color–it’s always beautiful and never too much.