Signs From The Near Future

Futurist predictions in technology can be exciting or downright scary. Here are some exercises on what we can expect to see in the near future on a daily basis.

Our relation with new technologies and all things digital, is something worth studying it. We never had so much access to so many resources in history like nowadays, the fact that new technologies gave us the opportunity to exploit our potential is undeniable and undoubtedly the democratisation of the internet gave us people a lot of opportunities to improve as a society by establishing bondings and relationships with our neighbours and other cultures.

But at the same time, it seems that there’s some kind of status quo worried about the reach of our acts and thoughts when accessing and using all kind of both mainstream and emerging technologies: concerns about privacy, big data discussions everywhere, ethics conflicts when thinking about how much science can be mixed…

So I chose to show these upcoming advances coexisting with very common places and environments, with this kind of dystopian look and feel given by the signalling and iconic language, cause at the end of the day, the future always is very similar to the present.

Regarding the signs, well, like any other time in recent history, while all these new technologies emerge, we will need some help and directions for sure, in order to speed up our learning curves. Remember the first time you have to program a VCR? Or what about the time you set up your first smartphone?

Last but not least, I deployed these signs in ordinary places, featuring instructions and warnings because I feel that as we increasingly depend on technology, we will probably have less space for individual judgment to make decisions. That’s why we better get used to them… What do you think about it?