“The Recondite” – Wonderful Photo Series by Grant Gill

American fine art photographer Grant Gill created a photo series named "The Recondite". In his work, he explores the unexplained phenomena, illusion and the plasticity of time.
“Consoled by these images, I move past the mundane, physical world. In doing so, ethereal landscapes, tenuous happenings, and visual metaphors are created, enforcing the idea that reality is not linear. This series of phenomena considers concepts of the magical and perceptual and feeds into my questions on existence.
These events are the recondite — not of ordinary understanding.
Each image is an attempt at answering the purposed questions of permanence, in which I find to be far greater than myself. I feel these answers will never fully surface. Of my own certainty, these phenomena give a reason, and find content in illusion.”

grant gill00

grant gill01

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