Wonjun Jeong’s photographic series ‘Conversation’

In a new photographic series entitled 'Conversation,' Wonjun Jeong  assesses how a closeness could look like a visage.

The job is rooted at the heads of French Philosopher Emmanuel Levinas, especially his notions of 'the Other.' Levinas believed this to be an unknowable thing--a visage, entirely dissimilar to bounces and hopeless to bring into contrast. In 'Dialogue,' Wonjun Jeong visually interprets this notion, projecting the image of a face on a fabric thrown aimlessly into the atmosphere of dawn and dusk skies. It's this materialisation of this visage that signals a conversation using the additional, gesturing the development of a passage to "transcend in the enclosed inner self to the outer planet" Capturing the performative component of 'Conversation' through photography not only maintains an ephemeral moment, it also indicates that the meeting of two worlds and finding oneself in the procedure.