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Getting Help with USDA School Lunch Recipe Ideas

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The health of our children is of paramount importance to every one of us, and we take due care and attention to ensure we look after them throughout their lives. This is not just so at home, where we make sure our kids are kept safe and secure, but also in other areas of their lives. At school, for example, we expect them to be cared for as they are at home, and to be educated to a degree that will set them on a path forward that will help them achieve what they need to in life.

One area in which schools help is that of children’s health. Within this is the requirement for schools to meet the USDA school meals requirements, which are designed to make sure kids get the right nutrition and a suitably balanced and varied meal across the school term. Already a task of weight for those in charge, the very real implications of covid-19 brought about further complications and added to the problem, but we can point you in the direction of some excellent help.

We’re talking about the solution at which is a clever package and tool designed to help those tasked with coordinating the USDA School Lunch program, and it is used by a large number of educational establishments across the USA already. So what does NutriStudents K-12 do, and how can it help you?

What You Get with NutriStudents K-12

Put simply, what you do is this: register with NutriStudents K-12 as a user, enter the age range – or ranges – for whom you need recipe suggestions, and download all the relevant recipes, compliance paperwork and so on, and then follow the recipes as described. It’s that simple, and that’s why many coordinators of the USDA lunches have been using NutriStudents K-12 with great satisfaction. What else do you get?

The NutriStudents K-12 program provides you with a 40- or 30-week rotating menu provision depending upon the class of school you are working for, and it includes everything you need to meet the desired requirements. It also includes 5 weeks’ worth of cold meal options alongside the usual warm lunch recipes, so everyone is catered for and there is plenty of variety. 

Variety covers a wide range of both US and ethnic entrees and meals so you have enough to cater for a multicultural school, while all meals have been tried and tested on children of the age groups they are intended for, with only those deemed satisfactory passing onto the recipe lists. You can tailor the plan to include both NutriStudents K-12 and your own for greater variety, plus full help is provided as part of the package. NutriStudents K-12 will even help you prepare for your USDA Administrative Review which is a necessary part of the program. 

The NutriStudents K-12 package is designed to cut down on administration time and on time spent thinking and designing recipes as there is plenty here to complete an entire menu schedule, is easy to use and accepted my leading nutritionists as a sensible option. 


It’s notable that the USDA scheme has become something of a political subject recently yet it is still in place and given recent events may be so for some time. We recommend you check out NutriStudents K-12 as it is a helpful package that will provide real results and make life a lot easier while providing kids at school with nutritious and tasty meals that they will appreciate. Try it now or ask for a demo at the website to learn more about the NutriStudents K-12 package.