How Much Do Vapes Cost Now?

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The beginning of a new brand always has certain charges. The price of a product is the deciding factor to purchase something. Vaping is also similar in this context, and if you're wondering," what is the price range of vape? Then you're at the right place and continue your reading. Many people now want to switch from traditional smoking to vaping because it is more reliable. Due to its unique characteristics, it seems like it will require a high price, and it is not believable that it could be reasonable. Vaping doesn't have any premium price, and starter kits are low to buy.

Is Smoking Expensive Than Vaping?

Yes, smoking is relatively expensive than vaping, or in other words, we can say that vaping is cheaper than smoking. Vaping is significantly cheaper than smoking because it depends on how much you buy cigarettes or which vape brand you intend to purchase. More complex vape devices are expensive than simple devices. If you're smoking only one bundle of cigarettes per day and switch to vaping, then you can conserve 92% money per year. 

But this saving also depends on the device you use and the brand of filled e- juice you'll use each day.  Vape devices are not much expensive own you completely take aside from box mod territory. These vape devices are comparatively more complex, ultimately expensive, and only used by those in the vaping industry for several years. If you're new in the world of vaping, you shouldn't use box mod territory. But simple options also depend on wattage and type of e- juice to increase the price. If you're still curious about the cost of each device, then continue the remaining reading of the blog post. 

How Much Does a Vape Pod Cost?

Vape pods are a unique addition to the vaping market due to their efficient functions. But they neither have enough capacity for e- juice nor have a good battery, so they are not ideal for vaping but highly effective for everyday use. Vape pens are available in two categories such as open and closed pods. The difference between both pods is that open pods can be reused, but closed pods can't be reused and disposed of. Due to their smaller size, their price is less affordable, ranging from $15 to $50. One appealing and affordable vape pod is Hyde Rebel. The disposable vape pen of Hyde Rebel charged $17.99 from the online store.

What Is The Price Of Vape Box Mod In Vaping Industry?

Vape Box Mod is the most expensive device in the vaping industry due to its unique characteristics, such as high-capacity battery and reuse ability. But it's not a feasible alternative for cigarettes. Their price starts from $50 but hikes up to $100 depending upon device features. It is highly market due to innovative design and can go up to $200.

How Much Does a Vape Pen Cost?

The box mod territory is a more expensive vaping device because it has increased size, juice capacity, and battery life. If you want to use it as an alternative to cigarettes, it is not feasible. Box mod territory devices are pocket-friendly and can be carried out anywhere. It also allows swapping flavors in juice cartridges to replace all components, including batteries and tanks. Box mod territory devices start from the $50 mark. When features upgrade, then its price reaches up to $100. But the highest price of the box mod device is $200. 

What Is The Pice Of Vape Juice In Vaping?

This is the most crucial factor to consider before switching to vaping. Most people think that price depends upon vaping devices, but vape juice is also an essential consideration in tagging the price of a device. Vape juices vary in price due to multiple brands and re-fill capacity such as 10 ml juice costs $5, 30 ml costs $20-, and 60-ml costs $40.


The vape costs entirely depend on your chosen device. Prices can get pretty high in the world of Box Mods due to unique design and prominent features. The cartridges which can be replaced are practical but costly. So, casual vaping such as disposable vape pens and vape pods are more affordable if you're entering the world of vaping.