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Technology and The Future of Communication

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Looking at life from technological innovation, it’s clear we are in a digital age. Technology is transforming the ways we communicate with one another, and how we interact with the world around us. 

The Future: Human to Machine 

Human to machine communication refers to the interaction humans have with several different devices that work with sensors and actuators. This kind of communication is made possible by artificial intelligence and the use of chatbots, digital assistants, smart devices, virtual reality, as well as augmented reality. 

In business, technology is key in making positive impacts on teams for means of providing a secure collaboration solution; but also customer experience. Most of us use social media, where we use platforms such as Facebook, Twitter to communicate with businesses. Automated messages and chatbots are normal amongst messenger software. This kind of technology allows customers to access information fast and makes them feel like they are chatting to the business itself, rather than artificial intelligence. All in, this can enhance customer experience. 

The information and data that this kind of software collects also provides essential insight into customer service, experience, and any problems or opportunities for improvements. It’s a brilliant form of feedback to determine customer wants, needs, and how businesses can serve them more effectively. It also means businesses can utilise this information to improve profitability and customer leads.

In addition, wearable devices, such as smartwatches, google glasses, and smartphones all allow for real-time tracking and monitoring of different elements that can affect you as a human. For example, wearables can track health and fitness reference points such as heartbeat and daily steps. They allow us to assess information in relation to our environment. They can also be used to enhance the efficiency of everyday life, such as paying for a coffee with your smartwatch.

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The Future: Human to Human Communication

Technology has provided more innovative ways of communication for those in business. Sit back and take a moment to think about the positive impact technology has had on us during the pandemic. It’s given us different avenues for coping with home working, and if anything has proven productivity can be maintained working from home. 

Technology has provided means for global communication and allows us to make human-to-human connections across borders, and different locations. We no longer must be in the same room as a colleague to discuss an important project at work. Nowadays, if we have internet access and a job role that allows us, we can work from anywhere we want. 

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Going Forward

The future holds so many different possibilities for the technological impact on communication. Virtual reality, 3D technology, and hologram are all major aspects of communication going forwards. While now we can communicate with colleagues over zoom, the future may hold the possibility of virtually sitting in a meeting with colleagues while sitting in different locations around the world. 

In conclusion, no one could have predicted the many ways technology has developed over the years and expanded our opportunities. Given our experience with technology and the way it has evolved our lives, we are now able to understand the value in which it has enhanced communication. The future of communication is very bright given the tremendous number of advances in technology happening every single day.