Beautiful Girl Portraits By Matteo Montanari

Matteo Montanari is a 32-year-old fashion photographer. He was born in Italy. In 2002, Matteo moved to London. Collaborates with i-D, Vogue, L’Uomo, GQ Style, Gucci, Chloé, Calvin Klein, Replay, Max&Co, Diesel and so on.

Matteo Montanari27

Matteo Montanari26

Matteo Montanari24

Matteo Montanari23

Matteo Montanari22

Matteo Montanari21

Matteo Montanari19

Matteo Montanari18

Matteo Montanari17

Matteo Montanari16

Matteo Montanari14

Matteo Montanari13

Matteo Montanari12

Matteo Montanari08

Matteo Montanari07

Matteo Montanari06

Matteo Montanari05

Matteo Montanari04

Matteo Montanari02

Matteo Montanari01

Matteo Montanari00

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