“Coffee Cups of the World” by Henry Hargreaves

Coffee_Cups_of_the_World_by Henry_Hargreaves_2014_01

Professional food photographer Henry Hargreaves not only visits cafés in countries across the world during his trips, but also collects and photographs hundreds of to-go coffee cups. According to Coolhunting, Hargreaves wondered about how the rest of world brand their coffee cups, which led him to make a global comparison through his website, ’Coffee Cups of the World’. The coffee cups documented by Hargreaves include nondescript cups with a single stamp, and illustrated ones in monochrome.

Coffee_Cups_of_the_World_by Henry_Hargreaves_2014_02

Coffee_Cups_of_the_World_by Henry_Hargreaves_2014_03

Coffee_Cups_of_the_World_by Henry_Hargreaves_2014_04

Coffee_Cups_of_the_World_by Henry_Hargreaves_2014_05

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