National Geographic shows a Unique Look at Hummingbirds’ Lives

An unique creature, hummingbirds, have been analyzed intensively throughout humankind because all of us understand their secrets remain imperceptible to the naked human eye. To understand their complex tiny bodies, high-end feathers, quick wing-flapping prices and humming sound, researchers have utilized many distinct technologies to discover their puzzles. In an additional effort to comprehend that species, photographer Anand Varma has employed a camera capable of shooting 3,000 frames per second to freeze time that the bird's actions.

The collection of pictures and the movie by Anand Varma in cooperation with ornithologist Christopher Clark are a part of a post on hummingbirds for National Geographic’s July Issue. The camera used to generate the video can catch 500 frames every second, show what a 19th-century scientist might just imagine.

'By slowing down time, a scientist learns about what occurs when biology brushes against the laws of mathematics,' writes nationwide geographical. 'put a high profile camera onto it, and you are like 'sacred cow! That is exactly what is the bird doing?'