Capturing Urban Wildlife: A Look at Ashraful Arefin’s ‘Animals from the Streets’

a bird sitting on top of a building
  • Ashraful Arefin's photography series, 'Animals from the Streets,' offers a unique perspective on urban wildlife.
  • The series features candid shots of animals in bustling city environments from Kolkata to Dubai.
  • Arefin's work stands out for its dreamlike quality and empathetic portrayal of animals as integral parts of urban landscapes.

Ashraful Arefin, an eminent photographer, has masterfully captured the essence of urban wildlife in his series 'Animals from the Streets.' This collection is not just a series of photographs; it is a journey through the streets of various cities, where the commonplace and the extraordinary converge. Arefin's lens focuses on the oft-overlooked inhabitants of the city – the animals that roam, rest, and play amidst the human hustle and bustle.

a cow is walking down the street

The Dreamlike Imagery of Diverse Cities

The series showcases a range of cities, including Kolkata, Delhi, Jaisalmer, Kathmandu, Dubai, and Dhaka. Each photograph, bathed in a dreamlike aesthetic, reveals a unique story. These cities, known for their vibrant cultures and bustling streets, also house diverse species of animals like cats, rhesus monkeys, and cows. Arefin's work highlights how these animals are not mere background characters but are as much a part of the urban tapestry as the people themselves.

Empathetic Framing: A Neighborly Approach

What sets Ashraful Arefin’s work apart is his empathetic approach to capturing his subjects. He does not merely photograph these animals; he portrays them with the same respect and attention to detail that he would afford any human subject. This approach renders his work profoundly neighborly – the animals are not just passing through; they belong to the streets as much as any person.

a cat sitting in a room

The Artistic Blend of Wildlife and Urbanity

The juxtaposition of urban landscapes with the serene, sometimes playful activities of these animals creates a poignant contrast. It’s a reminder of the diverse forms of life that coexist within our cities. Arefin's photographs are a blend of art and documentary, capturing moments that might otherwise go unnoticed in the daily rush of city life.

a close up of a cow

Exploring Arefin’s Work Further

For those captivated by Ashraful Arefin's unique perspective, his entire series is available for viewing on Behance. Additionally, his Instagram account offers a window into his ongoing projects, providing regular updates and glimpses into his evolving artistry.

In conclusion, Ashraful Arefin’s 'Animals from the Streets' is more than a photography series; it is a heartfelt exploration of the lives that intertwine with ours in the concrete jungles we call home. It challenges viewers to see the beauty and narrative in everyday urban wildlife encounters.

a close up of an animal
a narrow city street with buildings in the background