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GoChip: Elevating Pet Safety with Stylish, Smart IDs

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  • GoChip: The Revolutionary Pet Management System: GoChip is a digital pet ID that simplifies pet management for owners. It's a stylish, functional, and sustainable product developed by ANCORD Design Co.
  • Design Inspired by Global Aesthetics: The design, inspired by Japanese minimalism and the vibes of Bali and Goa, is both appealing and practical.
  • Research-Driven Innovation: Extensive market research led to GoChip's unique positioning in the pet safety market.
  • Sustainability Meets Functionality: The use of durable materials like silicone and ocean plastics highlights the commitment to sustainability.
  • Efficient Manufacturing Process: Utilization of 3D printing for efficient material use and design refinement.
  • Comprehensive Pet Safety Solution: GoChip features a tracker and QR code, providing a reliable solution for pet safety and management.

GoChip: The Digital Lifeline for Your Pet

Isn’t it tiring to constantly monitor your furry friends? The GoChip, designed by ANCORD Design Co, is here to ease the burden of pet parents everywhere. This digital pet ID transforms pet management, making it seamless and efficient.

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Revolutionizing Pet Safety and Style

GoChip isn't just another pet gadget; it's a style statement with a purpose. Drawing inspiration from Japanese minimalism and the relaxed vibes of Bali and Goa, it's designed to be as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional. This approach caters to the modern pet owner who values both style and substance in their pet care products.

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A Response to a Pressing Need

With over 10 million pets going missing annually in the U.S. alone, the need for a reliable pet tracking solution is undeniable. Traditional methods like collars and tags often fall short, either getting lost or becoming outdated. GoChip addresses this gap, offering a more durable and up-to-date solution.

The Birth of GoChip: A Journey of Innovation

The journey of GoChip from concept to creation is a testament to ANCORD Design's commitment to innovation. They delved into extensive market research, examining various tracking products to find gaps and opportunities. This led to the birth of GoChip, a product that uniquely fills these identified needs.

Striking the Right Balance

Sustainability and functionality were key considerations in the development of GoChip. ANCORD Design explored materials ranging from silicone to ocean plastics, striking a balance between durability and aesthetics. This commitment ensures that GoChip is not just a fleeting trend, but a sustainable choice for environmentally conscious pet owners.

Manufacturing Excellence

The choice of 3D printing for manufacturing GoChip showcases the company's commitment to material efficiency and design precision. This process allowed for iterative refinements, ensuring that the final product aligned perfectly with the client's vision and market needs.

GoChip: More Than Just a Tracker

The GoChip goes beyond traditional tracking. It includes a QR code, providing access to all necessary information about your pet. This feature enhances the overall functionality of GoChip, making it a comprehensive tool for pet management.