Where Three Become One: Winter Wonderland in Renatas Jakaitis’ Photography

Renatas Jakaitis is a Lithuanian photographer who has captured some of nature’s most interesting optical illusions. In his latest work, he captures an optical illusion that will have you scratching your head and wondering how it’s possible to see three deer heads from one body. It seems impossible, but with a bit of help from Renatas’ photography skills, we can all be reminded of a winter wonderland.
Getting a fantastic shot like this one typically entails being in the correct location at the right moment. Jakaitis was walking behind the deer in Lithuania’s forests when he captured this photo. The animals, who were walking one after the other, turned their heads simultaneously and produced this incredible picture as a result of the camera’s shutter.
It’s fantastic luck to capture a shot like this, and Jakaitis had it good. “I believe that my camera shutter betrayed me since they looked up when I began capturing them,” he remarked at the time. “I managed to get all of them looking at the camera simultaneously before they scattered; when they saw me, they fled! They were probably camera-shy.”
Jakaitis has been capturing animals in their natural habitats for years (since taking the classic shot). Please continue reading to see a selection of his recent photographs.