Charming Tree House Mask House For a Grieving Man

Take a look at the charming tree house – Mask House. A place for nature purpose as well as meditation. An example of conceptual architecture. Planned by WOJR but not yet established, the cabin will stand in a forest area in upstate New York. The residence takes its name from the almost solid slatted facade. A small walkway spans towards the entrance. Once inside, visitors see a chain of small spaces that create a sense of combination in between two separate worlds.

“A place of division and protection that separates one from the world of the every day and offers passage to the other world,” explain the architects.

The open-plan room finished in wood features a suspended fireplace that provides comfort and warmth, while a smooth wall offers a beautiful view towards the lake. The bedroom is a sleeping nook, with a kitchen space on the extra wall and a bathroom. On the roof, a terrace would let visitors enjoy the complete peace of the natural landscape. Visualization made by Alexis Nicolas Basso.