Hotel Mamallacta by Felipe Escudero in Ecuador

Felipe Escudero's 'mamallacta' is a resort place at 3,800 meters above sea level located in parallactic, Ecuador.
The infrastructure that is revolutionary is surrounded by a volcanic Andean landscape and stays at which temperatures are reduced, and humidity is high.

The excavation looks like a giant footprint also enables the lower floor to collect warmth from the ground. Meanwhile, it's allowable perimeter walls vary in shape to react to the various activities and to defend the building from high winds.

The builder's customers have asked part of this job to be made from recycled containers. Like Antarctic penguins at the winter, containers are closely arranged on the next floor to keep thermal mass. This arrangement also supplies all rooms with framed views of this natural landscape. Every area has a rock-shaped tub that's full of natural hot spring water which rises from underground flows and is accumulated in the outside of the website.

Felipe Escudero's 'Resort Ma Mall Acta' intends to solve the dearth of restaurant and hotel amenities in a place that's full of natural hot spring pools. The lower floor is made up of reception, a neighborhood food restaurant, and a pub, and the top floor is made up of bedrooms and quieter lounges. The construction comprises a rooftop farm along with solar panels.

The resort's graphic design was completed by Maria Jose Rodriguez, who highlighted the concept of pre-Hispanic civilizations, natural components were considered gods. These gods have been represented in myths as with both animal and human attributes. Elements of the graphic design are integrated into the design like from the entry medallion-shaped signage along with the couch's wall tiles.

The turquoise color of metal containers is motivated by popular community architecture. The red-brown of pigmented concrete from the lower floors is intended to resemble an archeological digging of the planet.