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Ideas & Inspiration for Designing Your Child’s Playroom

Being a parent is, naturally, packed full of opportunities and learning curves, most of which you would not experience if you did not have children. Nothing is more exciting than being able to access the childish and creative side of yourself in the process. 

Whether you are planning on redecorating an existing playroom or transforming a spare room into a playroom for the first time, you have definitely come to the right place.

Here are some fantastic ideas and inspiration for designing your child's playroom. 

Decide Upon a Theme

The beauty of choosing a theme for the playroom is that you can redecorate sporadically when your child's interests and hobbies change as they become older.

From ocean and sea creatures for younger children who are fascinated by marine life, to a gamer's paradise for older children who are addicted to their PlayStation, a theme will serve to bring each element of the new playroom together to create the ultimate sensory experience for your children. 

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Think Relaxation & Comfort

Your children are so full of energy and a propensity to play and learn that a playroom is simultaneously the perfect place for them to play with their toys and games to their heart's content, but also a place for them to relax and enjoy their own space. 

When designing the core layout of the playroom, investing in a green bean bag chair, for example, will provide your children with the perfect place to settle down with a good book, or play their favorite video games, or curl up for a quiet nap. 

Focus on Storage 

Maximizing the floor and the wall space of the new playroom needs to be of top priority. One affordable and aesthetically attractive addition would be to mount a wicker basket to the walls.

With lower and accessible baskets to house your children's soft toys and games they play with regularly and higher baskets for spare blankets, new toys, and other items that your children do not need presently, this will serve to maximize the floor space. 

Remember: Safety First!

Finally, once you have decided on the theme of the playroom, added a selection of fun and comfortable seating options, and have ensured you have enough storage so there will be at least some semblance of organization, it is time to turn your attention to the important matter of safety. 

Make sure that the flooring is essential 'kid-safe', meaning they will not graze or harm their body when spending prolonged amounts of time playing on the floor, and that no cords or strings are hanging from any blinds, light fixtures, and windows for them to get caught on. 

Although you are probably already checking, do ensure that any games or toys your children play with are entirely non-toxic and, of course, age-appropriate and that art supplies which could be dangerous, such as paints, glue, and scissors, are kept well out of the way when your children are unsupervised in the playroom.